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    Product data

    GW200 5G工業網關

    CPU:NXP LS1012A

    Memory:16bit DDR3L 512M/1G

    Storage:4G/8G eMMC+64MB SPINOR

    Rated power:24V?1.5A

    Package size:20*13.5cm(高3.5cm)

    product detail:

    MYZR-GW200-5G 網關gateway adopts NXP single core arm cortex-a53, with the main frequency of 800MHz and the maximum of 1GHz. It supports 2.4G & 5g dual band WiFi with higher wireless transmission rate, stronger wireless signal and higher stability.

    High speed: USB2.0 supports a transmission rate of 480mbps, which can meet the needs of most peripherals and is compatible with USB1.1 devices. Support RS232, RS485, do, Di industrial Internet of things interface. Two gigabit network ports, increase network transformer, enhance the signal transmission distance, IC and external isolation, enhance the anti-interference ability. The gateway is equipped with NSA and SA dual-mode 5g module, which integrates multi constellation GNSS receiver to meet the requirements of fast and accurate positioning in different environments, and supports multiple functions: dfota and volte (optional).

    It can be widely used in water, gas and steam pipe network monitoring; EMS (energy management system) signal acquisition and transmission; production process signal acquisition and data transmission of manufacturing and processing enterprises; agricultural greenhouse environmental monitoring signal acquisition and data transmission; medicine, food storage environmental monitoring signal acquisition, data transmission and other fields.